My name is Lisa and here at Potent Medicine you get to dive into my world—where life, philosophy, and the surrender into joy collide. My writings explore the intricacies of living fully, feeling all the feels, and sharing the skillsets (I’ve learned and practiced) for happiness in a world that mostly sees suffering and pain. No rhyme or reason, just the unique perspective of a free spirit flitting through life, sharing my inspirations along the way. If you’re here and you like what you read (or listen to, I have a podcast as well), subscribe and say “Hey-ya” back!

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A collection of writings + a tiny podcast on life, philosophy, and the best practices to live a happy, free-spirited existence.


Explore my world of swirling passions together: life's philosophy meets joyful hosting. 'Potent Medicine' transforms words into authentic living. 'Happy Hosting' unveils Airbnb hacks, hiccups, and high points.